European Food plus My Daring Kids!

Sorry about the delay. I have not been able to download photos plus the comments haven’t been publishing. Hopefully it’s all fixed.

First of all, Becky Higgins–I love you! My heart goes out your family for the loss of your brother. Becky wrote an emotional post about Jonathan on her blog. Go here to read it. What an amazing life well lived.

Life at the Bearnson home is happily hectic. Brecken’s entire varsity volleyball team is going to a girl’s choice dance together in a few weeks. Brecken is the youngest on the team and isn’t allowed to date until she’s 16 but she really wants to go to the dance. So–she asked us if she could take Collin. I thought it was a brilliant idea–taking a brother really isn’t a date and the two of them are so close, I knew it would be an amazing memory. So last Thursday night we had just finished our nightly devotional when the doorbell rang. This was on the front porch:

web honey 533x800 European Food plus My Daring Kids!

Now Steve, Sage and I knew who it was from but the rest of the family didn’t (we have guests here from London as well). Watching Collin’s reaction was hilarious! He’s a college boy now and was surprised that he was getting asked to a high school dance! Inside the box were letters on the cereal. He had to unscramble the letters to find out who was asking him. He kept saying, “I’m sure this is a joke” and “I really don’t want to go back to Lone Peak for a dance.” I can’t blame the kid. When he finally unscrambled the letters to say “your little sister” he felt kinda bad. He gave her a big hug and said “I’d love to be your date!” To be continued . . .

As mentioned, we have three boys here from England. They are very adventurous kids and had a long list of adventures they wanted to do while in Utah.

Collin, Stefyn, Luke and Joe jumped off Corona Arch in Moab, Utah last week:

4 620x413 European Food plus My Daring Kids!

web collin arch1 600x800 European Food plus My Daring Kids!

Basically a big rope is tied around the arch which makes it into a gigantic swing:

komodo 2 European Food plus My Daring Kids!

Way too scary for me but fun for the adventurer. Watch the YouTube video. You won’t believe your eyes!

I’m off to Chicago for a volleyball tournament with Brecken today. I’m still collecting a few more photos of Switzerland and Italy but wanted to show you some of our favorite foods in Europe.

First of all, let’s talk about the Brats in Germany. There are so many different kinds and we enjoyed them all!

web brat sign 600x800 European Food plus My Daring Kids!

web steve brat 620x465 European Food plus My Daring Kids!

The Kababs were also amazing in Germany (not my favorite photo but hey–it’s a photo!):

web kabab 620x413 European Food plus My Daring Kids!

Sage was the only one who loved the German hamburgers:

web sage hamburger3 620x413 European Food plus My Daring Kids!

Now let’s talk about the food in Italy and Switzerland!

Gelato, Margarita Pizza and Mozzerella Cheese were a few of our favorites.

The presentation of the food in Switzerland is amazing. Steve and I went out for a romantic dinner on the lake front in Lugano and this deliciousness came to our table:

web salad 620x465 European Food plus My Daring Kids!


web main 620x465 European Food plus My Daring Kids!

I’m off to the Windy City!

Talk to you soon!



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5 Responses to “European Food plus My Daring Kids!”

  1. Wendy Orme says:

    I watched the arch video…ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Lisa – it’s absolutely beautiful here in Chicago for the next few days. I hope you and Brecken get a chance to see some of the great attractions while you are here! If you need any suggestions, just email me!!
    Have a safe trip and good luck in to Brecken in volleyball!

  3. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Oh my! The Mom in me wanted to know why those guys didn’t wear a helmet when jumping. LOL

    It is beautiful here in Illinois, have a great time in Chicago. I live a little north of the city, dress warm it is chilly.

  4. Lisa Walters says:

    Ahhhhh that food looks amazing:) I was wondering, as I kept posting and it never would show up:( Good luck being sent your way for the volleyball team!!! My daughter just graduated so those volleyball games are over for me. They were SO fun! Be safe and enjoy, goes by super fast!!!

    P.S.Utah really looks beautiful, do you live by Lizzy K. Love her to!!!

  5. Carla Hoffner says:

    Wish I had the guts to do that but maybe it is good I don”t as I would wind up on the side of that rock!!

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