Fall Leaves and The Windy City

I know! It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted! Life is busy, busy, busy!

This past weekend we went to check out the fall leaves in the mountains near our home. While most are on their way out, they’re still beautiful:

photo copy 131 620x465 Fall Leaves and The Windy City

web fall leaves 620x413 Fall Leaves and The Windy City

web leaves 620x413 Fall Leaves and The Windy City

I saw this sign on our walk and think it’s the perfect Halloween sign!

web trespassing 620x413 Fall Leaves and The Windy City

We had a big hiccup happen two weeks ago at Brecken’s volleyball game (the night before going to a big Chicago tournament). As an outside hitter, Brecken had the kill of her life, but then landed wrong on her knee. She fell to he floor screaming in pain. The next day was spent at the doctor’s office draining her knee and getting an MRI. Before knowing how serious it was, we boarded a plane for Chicago (knowing she probably couldn’t play but the coach still wanted her to be with the team). While waiting on the plane to take off from Salt Lake City, the doctor called to say it was bad ACL, MCL and meniscus tears and that she would need surgery ASAP. After two fractured ankles and a sprained ankle in the past 18 months (same ankle) this was devastating news. Now knee problems with six months to recover? I have to give it to Brecken! She has kept a great attitude through it all and we made the best of our trip to Chicago with Brecken in a brace and using crutches! Navy Pier was one of our favorite places to visit. We went on a high-speed boat ride around the harbor and of course rode the ferris wheel. We also cheered on her teammates in the tournament.

web navy pier 600x800 Fall Leaves and The Windy City

photo copy 12 600x800 Fall Leaves and The Windy City

If you haven’t tasted the Ghirardelli Pumpkin Chocolate Caramel squares yet, grab some before they are out of season. Honestly, they sound weird but they are amazing! Brecken and I couldn’t quit eating them at the Ghirardelli store in Chicago.

web ghiradelli 600x800 Fall Leaves and The Windy City

I will keep you posted on Brecken’s surgery and recuperation.

I promise to post again soon and tell you about the prettiest place on earth that we’ve ever visited–Switzerland!

I’m off to a cabin for a few days for fall break.





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15 Responses to “Fall Leaves and The Windy City”

  1. Sharon Holesh says:

    I backpacked through Europe for 3 months when I was 25. Switzerland was my favorite. So beautiful and relaxing!

  2. Sharon Holesh says:

    Good luck to Brecken! I am a PT and the rehab will be tough; may be longer than 6 months. She sounds tough and will get through it.

  3. Tammy in Michigan says:

    Im so sorry to hear about Brecken. My daughter also tore her ACL and meniscus playing basketball a couple years ago. You have a long road ahead but before you know it she will be on the courts again! =) Oh, and she will have a brace that will become her very best friend! =) Thoughts and prayers to her and you guys as you get thru this hiccup in life!

  4. Lisa W. says:

    Ahhhhhhh Brecken…feel terrible. Such as life, but as a Mom of a volleyball player, a few football players AND basketball totally not what you want to hear. Kuddo’s for you to be positive!!!! Take care and good luck with your surgery AND recovery!!! Your pics are amazing:)

  5. Sheryl Pyle says:

    Oh, so sorry to hear about Brecken. I know that must be very painful and it will keep her down for a bit.
    I am glad you were still able to make the trip and hopefully surgery will be done and she will be on her way. Your fall pictures are beautiful and Switzerland is one place I have always wanted to see. Have a Blessed weekend.

  6. Susan C says:

    Poor Brecken! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Enjoy your little break at the cabin. Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

  7. kat-in-texas says:

    Brecken ROCKS!! I would have said, FORGET IT, and not boarded the plane!! Lol. Hope all goes well with her surgery. She has a great nurse to look after her! :) HOpe it’s a great weekend at the cabin!!

  8. Sherry G says:

    Wishing Brecken a speedy recovery. I’ve had the ACL repair and the rehab is lengthy and arduous, but she is young and if she is as dedicated to that as she is her sports, she will do fine.

  9. KnitterPam says:

    Missed you in Chi-town by 2 weeks! I just came through there this past weekend on the way to a scrapbooking retreat in Green Bay, WI, with Club Scrap. Good luck getting better to Brecken.

  10. Carol says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I’ve been trying to contact ANYONE at Creative Crafts Group to speak to someone about booking you as a speaker at an event in 2013 for the last two weeks. I’ve called every phone number on your contact page and no one is answering a phone – except a lady in customer service who couldn’t help. Do you have an agent or press secretary I can contact? Thanks! Carol

  11. good luck to brecken – you always post such nice pictures – - -

  12. laurie hull says:

    So sorry to hear about your daughter. My son detatched the flexor tendons from his right hand when he was playing football his sophomore year of high school. It was two surgeries and 9 months of therapy before he gained most use of it. It was a long road so I am feeling your pain. However, in the end, he went back to his sport and also because of his experience he decided on a career in sports medicine. He is just finishing up now and an intern right now at a D1 school working with athletes to help them! And his own experience has made him far more compassionate and when he says “I know what you are going through” he does! I know he would not have picked that career if he had not had had his accident. So who knows what good will come of a bad experience???

    speedy healing!

  13. Judy says:

    Oh my gosh! That is the same injury I did…… I am so sorry! Give her a hug for me. When is the surgery? I will have to come see her!

  14. Kerry Ledbetter says:

    Hey, Lisa. So sorry to hear about Brecken’s knee. My daughter Rachel tore her ACL and meniscus this year and had surgery in Philadelphia in August. It is a long recovery, and we can totally relate with your family as you encourage Brecken to get stronger. Rachel had her surgery August 17 and missed her fall soccer season at HS. She will be out 1 year … the recovery has been physically and emotionally demanding. She goes to physical therapy 3 times a week and is working hard to make her comeback. Like Laurie Hull’s son (mentioned above), Rachel is now considering a PT/sports medicine career as well! We wish Brecken all the best!

  15. Monica says:

    Love Love Love Chicago, my brother lives down the block from Navy Pier…..beautiful….. Sounds like Brecken – “took one for the team” – very sweet!

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