Fall and Winter–In the Same Week!

Seriously! How can it be in the 70s one day and snowing the next?? I’M NOT READY FOR WINTER! Oh well–looks like next week will be back in the 6os!

Our family has been loving the fall weather. I’ve got all my Halloween decorations up and I’m scrambling for a costumes for a big Halloween party on Saturday night. Any suggestions what Steve and I can be?

Many of you have asked how to make the mantle scarf that Kristy Banks made for Kerri Bradford  and me last year. (Here are photos of Kerri’s mantle–mine looks pretty much the same):

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I will change to a different mantle scarf in a month:

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Kerri painstakingly put up instructions on her blog. Go HERE for the instructions.

Sooo–If you’ve never been to Southern Utah, you MUST go! Steve and I took friends to see three national parks/monuments and WOW! It was a great refresher on the many wonders of this world.

Bryce Canyon is one of them:

photo copy 14 620x465 Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!

Sage and I also had a “Doggie Days” morning with Maggie at the Thanksgiving Point gardens last Saturday. I snapped this shot and love it!

photo copy 15 620x620 Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!

Brecken went on her first date with her brother, Collin. Here they are dressed up like hillbillies for the dance:

photo copy 8 620x620 Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!

Life continues to be hectic and fun. After three years as the chorister over our church congregation’s 3-11 year old children, I’m now over the young women ages 12-18. We have approximately 50 young women in our congregation and I’m loving my time spent with them. I have an hour we spend each week on Sunday, then a mid-week activity on Wednesday night. I am so blessed because I work with lots of amazing women! Hmmmmm–I see lots of paper crafting projects in the near future!!

Finally–a bit on the most beautiful country, Switzerland!

This is hard for me to talk about because I lost all the photos from this portion of our trip. We had a few on our phones and the family we stayed with also sent some for us.

You’ll remember that we had this cute Swiss boy stay with us for six weeks this past summer:

photo 241 620x465 Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!

We met Roberto through his stepmother, Giulia, who is a huge scrapbooker and reads this blog! Giulia and I met several years ago at a show:

Con Lisa Bearnson 533x800 Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!

Roberto Fontana was such a joy to have in our home! We flew back with him to Switzerland  in July where his entire family rolled out the red carpet for us.We were greeted in Milan by his father, Pio, and then taken to his grandmother’s hotel to rest for the day and night. If you ever go to Milan, you MUST stay in the Hotel Berna. It’s an upscale hotel complete with a huge breakfast buffet, ladybug chocolates on your pillow and these floating in the sink:

photo copy 6 620x465 Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!

While in Milan, they arranged a huge 50-passenger bus (with just the six of us and Pio and Roberto) and we toured some of the city. Highlights included  the La Scala Opera House :

web milan 600x800 Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!
And Leonardo di Vinci’s Last Supper mural:

photo copy 132 620x465 Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!

The next day we drove to Lugano, Switzerland. It’s just over the border of Italy and is simply beautiful. We stayed in Roberto’s family’s home on the hill that overlooked the town, lake and beautiful green rolling hills:

foto1 620x463 Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!

I could have spent the entire week just sitting on the balcony looking at the views.

We also toured this castle (check out the mountains in the background–this country is full of them!):

web castle 620x465 Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!

Another beautiful spot we visited was Lucerne, Switzerland (German speaking).

03 lucerne Fall and Winter  In the Same Week!

Wow–you must go to this country! And–you should see Giulia’s scrapbooking room! Gorgeous too!

Hope you are enjoying your last few days of October.

Talk to you soon!




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8 Responses to “Fall and Winter–In the Same Week!”

  1. Lisa

    bring more trip picture and come too Hsn we love too look at your picture

    A big fun of you scrapbook

    We miss you on Qvc come to hsn to sell scrapbook stuff

  2. kat-in-texas says:

    I would love to go to Europe just to see the castles!!! Magnificent views!!!

    p.s. Did Brecken get her braces off? Beautiful!!!

  3. Rose says:

    Love the pictures!!

    I was trying to link to the scarf tutorial-the link doesn’t work!!!! They are amazingling beautiful!

  4. the pictures are absolutely beautiful – you have such a lovely family -

  5. Lisa Walters says:

    Hi Lisa…nice to hear from you. Those pictures ARE simply breathtaking. I know SO sad about loosing some photo’s. But these are certainly some very good ones.

    Not ready for the cold her in Michigan either…UGH! We too had 82 degree’s yesterday, today 55 degrees…crazy! Good to be up dated…how is your daughter Brecken and her injury?:(

  6. Julie says:

    I always say Utah is my favorite vacation state. LOVE the national parks!

    Your Vacations look so fun!

  7. Dianne says:

    Love your blog! I can’t pull up the link to the adorable scarf tutorial..HELP!

  8. Lisa Walters says:

    Hi Lisa…wondering if I am the only one having trouble with the mantle scarf directions? I keep trying to “click” on the go here tab, and it says internet explorer cannot find. I wondered if there is another way to get the directions. Thank you for you time, and hope all is well.

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