Love Having a Voice!

I woke up this morning super HAPPY that election day is finally here. I’ve followed the campaign closely and have to admit while I’ve been intrigued by it all, I’m also tired of all the negativity. So–this gal is happy that I live in a country where my voice is heard and I can cast my own ballot on who I think will do the best job! And–tonight we will know who our next president will be.

Collin had these caricatures waiting for us when we woke up! He drew them in honor of today. Who would have known that we have a budding Bearnson artist???

photo copy 2 e1352227633234 600x800 Love Having a Voice!

photo copy e1352227702718 600x800 Love Having a Voice!

Every Monday night at our house is Family Night. It’s a time set aside from the other ordinary things of the world. A time where we focus on being together as a family. Sometimes we go bowling; other times a movie. Often times we stay home and have a spiritual message and a treat. Last night we did something totally different. Steve gave everyone a squirt bottle full of a “secret” cleaning formula and a small steel-bristle brush. He then sectioned off all the tile in our home and gave each person their own “territory” and we spent the next hour scrubbing the grout off the tile. We had fun music blasting and had such a great time being together. At the end of the night, I heard one of my kids exclaim: “This was the best Family Night ever!”

photo 620x465 Love Having a Voice!

Oh–and I’m ONE HAPPY MOM because my tile is all squeaky clean and white!

This one thing I know for sure. The best kind of happiness is family happiness.

Hope election day is going great for you!



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17 Responses to “Love Having a Voice!”

  1. kat-in-texas says:

    The family that scrubs together stays together! lol. Great idea Steve!!!

    Love Collin’s caricatures–he is really good!! (He forgot to put Mitt Romney in a Superman costume…)

    I hope God has the same plans as we do!! :)

  2. Sheryl Pyle says:

    Sounds like you guys had a great family night and that is what is important. Somewhat melancholy about the election tonight but the sun will come up tomorrow. Hoping there will be some positive changes from the past 4 years. May God Bless America.

  3. Cindy says:

    So happy to have a voice and vote. Just frustrated that here in Michigan our voice doesn’t seem to be heard. We are a divided state – West side is very republican/East side is very Democratic. Unfortunately East has more people and thus – they get the say.
    So sad at the outcome. So wishing for a man with honesty, integrity and a strong faith to lead our country!!

  4. Mary-Lou says:

    Steve has some of the best ideas for pulling the family together. I am SO glad the elections are over, now the news can go back to other news worthy things.

  5. Susan C says:

    What a great family night idea, the family that cleans together…

  6. Addie says:

    Even though I’m pretty sure I voted differently from you –looking at Collin’s art, I have to say he’s terrific! I hope he pursues his art in some way. Anyone who thinks it’s easy to do what he did, should try it! Kudos, Collin!

  7. Julie says:

    Sounds like a really fun family nite:). I’m single & don’t have anyone to share family nite with, I bet they’re fun.

    What’s a tile? I’ve heard of tiles, such as ones in a kitchen or in a bathroom but I don’t have a clue what a tile is.

    Best wishes
    Julie, UK

    • Lisa W. says:

      Hi Julie~

      It took me a minute when I read your response and you asked what is a tile. SO CUTE, then I realized you are from the UK. Awesome AND you are exactly right, it is a type of flooring, generally for kitchens, bathrooms, and comes in ALL kinds of colors. Very good looking stuff:)

      It made me sad also when you said you don’t have anyone to share family nite:( OK you must start having your friends and such come over…scrapbooking would be great, and let me tell ya, FRIENDS are some of the best family you will ever have:)

      Take care and nice talking to ya:)

      • Cindy says:

        Lisa W your response is so sweet!!

        Julie – yes have family nite with friends and enjoy!!!

      • Julie says:

        Hi Lisa,
        Thank you for answering my question about what a tile is.

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel sad about me not having anyone to share family night with. I’m a convert (35 years this past July) & the only member in my family.

        I’m in a singles group on Facebook & do fhe on line. Obviously it’s quite different but it’s still nice to share ideas about the gospel (& non- gospel subjects) with other members. Last night we talked about journals & I talked about scrapbooking:). I mainly use A4 binders & photo sleeves & include info etc.

        My ideas are mainly from Marielen’s book Keeping Memories Alive.

        By the way, I’ve still got the first edition of Creating Keepsakes, minus the front & back covers:). It has been great to see your children grow through the years.

        By the way, it’s Davali today so Happy Davali – & also 6 weeks till Christmas:)

        Take care & thank you again for your reply.
        Best wishes

  8. Lisa W. says:

    Hi Lisa~ No matter the outcome I too am very happy the elections is over. Regardless of “who” we were all voting for it just seemed it was getting to nasty. And still very proud to be a American, we are free and must count our blessings. All we can do now is simply pray for some hope of a brighter future!!! Our children certainly deserve that!!!!!!!

    And I have to say, you got a pretty smart husband, family nite and cleaning, and fun all in the same sentence…amazing. Collin DOES have some pretty awesome artwork too!

  9. you guys think of the best things – and have the most fun – it is awesome –
    love collin’s artwork — have a blessed thanksgiving .

  10. Andrea Johnson says:

    Just now catching up on your blog….. We have tile in our kitchen and the grout is stained awful. Some from just plain wear and tear, some from the pets, some because we are on well water and it has a LOT of iron in it so when I wash my floors the iron in the water is staining the grout as the years go by. What did you use to clean your grout????



  11. Monica says:

    Are your kids for Rent? I love hearing stories like this – - where family is most important.


  12. Leslie says:

    This is awesome my family would not be able to do this without commenting on how gross it is or saying oh my goodness my hair is messing up I need more brothers my sisters are way too girlly lol

  13. Leslie says:

    Go sage i miss you

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