“Lost Wallet Syndrome”

I was recently reading the November 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping and came across an article by Gretchen Rubin where she talks about the “Lost Wallet Syndrome.” “Wow,” I thought as I was reading the text. “This just happened to me!” Wallet 620x411 Lost Wallet Syndrome This past summer on July 4th, our family went to a HUGE extravaganza (70,0000 people big) at a nearby stadium where the Beach Boys and Scotty McCreery were  both performing. We had such a delightful time UNTIL the end of the night when upon returning to our car (quite the trek amid all the people) I discovered I’d left my red wallet under my stadium seat in a disposable bag. I panicked and my daughter-in-law, Taylor, and Collin (Kade had a fractured leg at the time) sprinted the mile back to find the wallet. They had no luck–it was nowhere to be found.

For the next 24 hours I obsessed about finding my wallet. I called the stadium’s university to leave my info so they’d know how to contact me WHEN it was found. I prayed. I pondered on all the things I’d have to cancel and renew should I never find it. I thought to myself, “How happy I’d be if only I could find my wallet. I’d be happy forever!”

My wallet was found. An honest custodian turned it in to the lost and found. I was ecstatic for about two minutes, but then I was right back to where I started worrying about other things. Here’s what I learned about “Lost Wallet Syndrome:”

1. It often takes a catastrophe to make us appreciate what we have.

2. I must appreciate NOW what I have while I still have it.

3. I must love the small, ordinary details in life and appreciate the adventures of everyday existence.

The French writer, Collette wrote: “What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.”

This week of Thanksgiving is helping me focus on appreciating the small, ordinary details in life. Things like:

1. The most beautiful, vibrant rainbow I’ve ever seen–this was the view as I left our church yesterday afternoon!

photo copy 4 620x620 Lost Wallet Syndrome

2. Brecken’s uplifting spirit amid an intense knew surgery last week. Thanks for all your love, support and prayers!

photo copy 5 620x620 Lost Wallet Syndrome

photo copy 6 620x620 Lost Wallet Syndrome

3. The best book in the world! Goes great with hot chocolate!

happiness project 620x413 Lost Wallet Syndrome

(You will be hearing a lot more about this book in future blogs. I LOVE it!)

4. A great sale! I love American Crafts!

AC Warehouse Sale Email JordanLanding 01 Lost Wallet Syndrome


5. I don’t watch a lot of TV but this show makes me soooo happy! Reporter Todd Hansen sets out to prove how fascinating so-called ordinary people really are. It’s on BYU-TV. Go here to see if it’s in your area. (It makes the time on the treadmill go so fast!)

STRTK Large 620x348 Lost Wallet Syndrome

In my next entry, I’ll tell you a little secret that helps me have an attitude of gratitude for the small thing of life. Stay tuned. And, have  a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Lisa B.


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14 Responses to ““Lost Wallet Syndrome””

  1. Stacy says:

    I hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Having an attitude of gratitude is something I think about often. A year ago this month my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. Found very early and a few blessings by our sons and other good men at church they were able to get it all removed. I not only am so grateful for the surgeons and doctors but I have learned that I am also grateful for the trial we went thru. It makes me see that even tho we had a trial there are many others out there that have even bigger trials and we were blessed to get thru this one. Thanks fo rthe reminder. A speedy recovery to your daughter.

  2. Kirsten J says:

    Lisa! I can only imagine the lost wallet feeling. Love your perspective! And I have that book on my nightstand but have barely cracked it. Sending healing prayers for Brecken. Off to check out Story Trek – Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Anne N. says:

    What a wonderful and timely post! By the way, I LOVE “The Story Trek”, we have BYU TV on Directv and there are so many wonderful shows.

  4. kat-in-texas says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Bearnson Family!! :)

  5. Janet says:

    Lisa I completely understand what you are saying. Living here in New Jersey (Near the shore) we have seen our share of destruction and devastation in the last few weeks due to Hurricane Sandy. We lost power for five days and our town virtually came to a standstill. It was nothing compared to what we watched others go through. Our complaining about not having power quickly turned silent as we realized what had happened nearby. I think we all have a new appreciation for the little things (including electricity) and I myself have vowed to slow down and count my blessing a little more each day.

  6. Lisa W. says:

    Enjoyed this post very much:) AND yes all of us have allot to be thankful for, through good times and bad! Happy Thanksgiviing to you and your family:)

  7. Hi Lisa,

    Glad you got your wallet back and It’s true we need to appreciate the small things in life. I actually stumbled upon your blog because I actually am an inventor and created a way for people to not lose their wallets. Check it out here: http://www.wallettrackr.com

    What do you think?

  8. Karen Foster says:

    HAPPY you found your wallet! I am reading The Happiness Project right now…..it is awesome! It will be a gift I give this Christmas for sure. I would love to meet the author. I admire her in depth research and I love that she likes reading young adult authors. I am HAPPIER for picking up this book!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. momoftwo says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Amazing that I was JUST read the article you are talking about today!!

  10. Shannon says:

    Something is telling me that on your next post you are going to tell us you are going to be a grandma. My first grandbaby is due May 23rd.

  11. Eileen Catalano says:

    Hi Lisa,

    A few years back my sister gave me a 4 set album which included “All About Me”. I loved them all but most especially All About Me. I have several nieces that are graduating from high school in the spring and thought these would be a wonderful gift for them. Are they still available? And if so, are the single albums available?


  12. speedy recovery to brecken – - hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving — and so happy you have your wallet – - you have a beautiful family –

  13. Char Lee says:

    It’s a double rainbow.

  14. Leslie says:


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