Merry Christmas to All!

We are off to Hawaii for the holidays! Just wanted to share our Christmas card with you:

bearnson christmas card 620x442 Merry Christmas to All!

It’s a free download from Kerri Bradford’s site.

Here’s hoping your holiday season is merry and bright!

Love, Lisa

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15 Responses to “Merry Christmas to All!”

  1. Lisa W. says:

    Merry Christmas…your card is beautiful!!!

  2. Shanda says:

    it’s wonderful here. I love living in hawaii especially on the big island. Mele Kalikimaka to you and yours!

  3. Stephanie D says:

    I love how you included your adult son and daughter in law. I have 2 younger children, but also have an adult child who is married. I always include them both in our Christmas photo card!

  4. Sheryl Pyle says:

    Have a wonderful time in Hawaii. Beautiful family and beautiful Christmas card. God Bless you all.

  5. kat-in-texas says:

    Merry Christmas, Lisa and family!! Hope y’all have a wonderful time in Hawaii!! :)

  6. Paula says:

    Your family has grown SO much since I first started reading Creating Keepsakes! Amazing how time flies! Mine has grown too — my daughter is 19 and at BYU-Provo, getting her mission papers ready (*sniff*), while my son will be 16 in April and getting his driver’s license. Amazing!

    I looked on Kerri Bradford’s site but couldn’t find that cute card! Any hints?? It’s adorable! I tend to want cards that SAY Merry Christmas … the reason for the season … but they can be hard to locate. Someday I’ll have enough confidence in my skills to actually make my own …!


  7. Nicky from Okotoks says:

    Hoping that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

  8. Merry Merry Christmas – and happy healthy – wonderful New Year – Enjoy Hawaii looking forward to many fun filled pictures.

  9. Leslie says:

    Freaking cute you guys have a close family bond

    • lisabearnson says:

      Leslie i want to know how you are doing i sent a letter to you and said the ways to contact me!! you are a awesome human being

      • Leslie says:

        Thank you lisa you are verry nice, nobody has realy told me something that nice but may you please re look at my e mail and email me how to contact you again i was hoping sage and i could get together sometime we were close friends we loved making dumb jokes and teasing each other to be silly you raised her well I have never had any friends like her -thank you

  10. Jen Gresham says:

    Hey Lisa, I received your Christmas pic in the mail today. Your family is growing! Pretty soon you will have little grandbabies!
    I’m heading off for Italy for a month but wanted to touch base and say thank you for the card! I will be back in Utah in the next few months visiting a friend there so, hopefully, we will be able to hook up. I don’t do the face book thing any more, no time so keep my email handy and buzz me when you get a chance!

  11. Leslie says:

    have you talked to sage about me yet

  12. Leslie says:

    lisa could you please email me how I can contact you there is no dot in my e mail adress I have to talk to sage I miss her ssssooooooooooooooooo much my life isn’t the same without her;D

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