A Happy Week!

THANKS for all your well wishes for Collin’s two-year mission in Wellington New Zealand! Several of you live there and I’m thinking I might have to go pick up Collin in two years and host a big crop with you all! Anyone in?

Many of you asked where his friend, Ally, is going on her mission. It’s a place she and her family never imagined: Sofia Bulgaria! She knows fluent French but I don’t think that will help her learn Bulgarian! Here they are on the night they opened their mission calls.

web collin and ally 533x800 A Happy Week!

Thanks, too, for all the well wishes for my birthday over a week ago.

Steve spoiled me with a dozen roses, colorful balloons and this adorable sign he made himself!

photo 620x620 A Happy Week!

And, I’ve continued to be spoiled by family and friends!

Becky Higgins sent this unique e-card from SugarWish. You literally open the card and there are dozens of candy you can choose from to build your own box.

websugarwish1 620x413 A Happy Week!

Within days after making your selection, the above box appears magically in your  mailbox.

Here are the four candies I chose:

web candy 620x413 A Happy Week!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE CANDY! Pure yumminess! Thanks, BH! Oh and Ryan Gosling wrote this great quote: “Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy wherever and whenever I want!”

Just had to show you this adorable wooden frame adorned with die-cut frames made by my pal, Michael Lazorchak:

web enjoy life1 533x800 A Happy Week!

Love how I can change my family’s photos through the year.

I got some really cool New Zealand books and missionary gear.

Two of my pals gave this New Zealand beanie to Collin:

photo copy 2 620x620 A Happy Week!

And this bicycle pillow to me as a reminder that my son will soon be riding a bike for two years:

photo copy 620x465 A Happy Week!

Thanks again to all my wonderful friends and family members for making this year’s birthday unforgettable. Wish I had a photo to share of each of you:

photo copy 3 620x465 A Happy Week!

photo copy 4 e1360122181996 620x465 A Happy Week!

web lisa and pam 620x413 A Happy Week!

(Ya gotta love photos that are blurry and have an extra  person in the background!)

Hope your week has started out great. Can’t wait to share some exciting news! Hopefully soon! (Can you guess what it is?)



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35 Responses to “A Happy Week!”

  1. Cindy. Head to my blog.

    Chefmike.typepad.com. Lots more info on the wooden frames.

  2. Natalie says:

    Sounds like you need to get the knitting needles out and congratulations if it is grandma news! I live in Australia but I will definitely be in for a crop in 2 years time!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Lisa…. I hope the exciting news is that you’re going back to QVC!! ;)

  4. Ruth Ann says:

    I am thinking grandbaby..

  5. Lisa, I am trying to sign up for your newsletter, but each time I fill out the form, I receive an error message that the site is not working & the webmaster? needs to be contacted. I hope you can solve this soon. Looking forward to hearing from you, and I think I know about your BIG NEWS! I won’t give it away here though….new product & location?

  6. Leslie says:

    Congratulations to both of them! My husband has traveled to New Zealand and loved it! I’m so excited for Collin!

    I just had to say that my cousin’s daughter who also speaks fluent French is currently serving in the Sofia, Bulgaria mission as well!! Her mom keeps a blog regarding her daughter’s mission experiences. If you would like to see it, let me know and I’ll email it so you. Such a testimony builder reading of her experiences.

    Congrats again to both of them!! Best of luck in the upcoming months and years!

  7. Christine says:

    As you mentioned, it’s not a grandchild but my next guess is that you will be presenting on HSN.
    I sure hope that I am right as I really miss the shows from QVC. HSN has done a great job of keeping the scrapbooking flames from being extinguished.

  8. Dell says:

    You’re going to be back on TV :)
    We can all hope can’t we.

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