My Life. Right Now.

Have you ever taken on of those “my life” quizzes? It’s a fun way to get to know yourself and other people. Here goes for me:

This is my life, right now!

What are you listening to:

The hum of my portable heater in my drafty office. It’s my constant friend during the chilly months

What is on your mousepad?

Picture of a soccer player (I know he has to be famous but have no idea who he is) who represented “Team Visa” in the 2012 Olympics. I got it free while attending the London Olympics last summer.

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

My sweet stepdaughter, Stefyn. She’s running an errand for me and needed to discuss the details.

What was the last thing you ate?

My mid-morning snack. Fifteen Wheat Thins and two Laughing Cow cheese wedges. So yummy! (Our family is on a quest to eat healthier–will let you know how it goes!)

When is the last time you cried?

Just minutes ago. Right after Thanksgiving, a young 24-year-old teacher at Brecken’s high school came down with a headache and then what they thought was the flu. When he began to get worse, he was rushed to the emergency room where they discovered a treatable staff infection. The doctors soon traced it to a valve in his heart and operated last Monday. By Thursday he was recovering well and was able to get out of ICU and witness the birth of his first child in the same hospital. He was able to hold his son but started getting a horrible headache. The doctors discovered bleeding on the brain and he passed away a few hours later. Our entire community is mourning this loss and the students at the high school joined together yesterday to fast and pray. Please join in the prayers for Josh Robison’s family–particularly his wife, Erica and their son, Logan. You can see the complete story here along with a link on how you can help. So sad but also so heartwarming how everyone is so full of faith and love.

What are on your feet?

Cozy Skechers slippers!

Last Movie you Watched?

The Nativity! One of my all-time favorite movies.

Best Holiday Moment?

Last Friday night at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert and watching “Father Christmas” and “Charles Dickens” fly over the crowd. Magical!

photo copy 5 620x620 My Life. Right Now.

photo copy 6 620x620 My Life. Right Now.

Most anticipated moment?

Nine days, seven hours and 40 minutes ’til we get to Skype with Collin! Simply can’t wait!

Favorite breakfast cereal?

Homemade granola.

Messiest room in your house? 

It’s a toss up between the master bedroom closet and my scrapbook room. Neither one stays clean for long.

Take the quiz for yourself! I’d love to hear some of your answers!



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22 Responses to “My Life. Right Now.”

  1. Leslie S. says:


    Thank you for sharing the story about Josh. It brought tears to my eyes. I was happy to help out with a donation. I’m also sending prayers their way.

    God Bless,

  2. Susan Moore says:

    What are you listening to:
    Two people talking in my office.

    What is on your mousepad?
    My mouse? LOL.. It’s plain black circle from IKEA.

    Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
    A client who is an attorney.

    What was the last thing you ate?
    A little Milky Way – yes I am trying to eat better as well.. that’s why it was a mini one.. haha

    When is the last time you cried?
    Yesterday, my husband and I are separated and someone from my church posted on his Facebook that he thought it was really sad that he saw a woman at church sitting by herself and her husband won’t attend with her and even left her. He was talking about me (made me very sad that I for one am sad that my husband won’t attend church with me.. but even sadder that someone else can see it to).. .BUT enough of that.. I am very sorry to hear about your friend.

    What are on your feet?
    Black flats

    Last Movie you Watched?
    Christmas in a Snow Globe (probably one of the worst cheesy Christmas movies I have ever seen and I love those.. it was not good!!

    Best Holiday Moment?
    Going to a cookie exchange with a friend where I knew not a single person except my friend. All the ladies were great and then all of a sudden they said it was time for a circle time of prayer… It was awesome.

    Most anticipated moment?
    About two months from now will see my Air Force son finally to come home for a vacation. He’s up in Washington training to be a Crew Chief on C-17s. They are those HUGE cargo or passenger loaders

    Favorite breakfast cereal?
    Eggs Benedict. Ohhh phooey.. you said cereal.. I can’t eat cereal…but I used to love Captain Crunch.

    Messiest room in your house?
    Scrapbook room for sure


  3. Lisa W. says:


    !. What I’m listening too right now
    The 11pm news

    2. On my mousepad. Well I use a laptop:) But at my desk top is
    Chicago skyline (purchased from a visit there a few years ago:)

    3. Last thing I ate.
    Snacked on some goodies I made today, pretzel, choc. kiss melted on it with a M& M
    But I had a really good dinner:)

    4. Person I last talked too.
    My daughter, when she stepped out of her room for a moment, Ask her if she’s ok…studying for
    final exams in college #she’s stressed:(

    5. Last time I cried.
    About 5 min. before I read your blog…long story, sad story, not in a good situation right now:(
    And a few seconds ago when I read your blog, My heart aches for his wife and family!
    6. On my feet.
    Cozy warm fuzzy socks

    7. Last movie I seen.
    Last Vegas…absolutely funny, just a feel good movie:) How can you not LOVE Morgan Freeman

    8. Anticipated moment.
    OH always Christmas, when my kids are all together, AND very excited about a awesome suprise
    gift for my oldest (son) He has always wanted to learn to play guitar, bought him one, he has
    NO idea, asked for other stuff! I LOVE suprises:)

    9. Favorite breakfast cereal
    Frosted mini wheats

    10. Messiest room
    OH BOY scrapbook room for sure. Always is, I try, but it doesn’t work, AND I’m a clean fanatic
    but in the scrapbook room I”M good with that:)

    ~Will pray for the family and loss of their loved one. My goodness, this will be difficult to get through! Can’t imagine, with deepest sympathy for them!!!!

  4. mandyb says:

    oh my goodness that story about Josh is so so sad!!! oh my!!
    and yip not long till your christmas chat with Collin!!!
    its pretty warm here so he will be sweltering while eating his lunch i am sure!!
    something that i am sure he will find quite weird!!! hahaha

  5. Ana Liza C. says:


    It has been a long time since I’ve done any quiz, so here goes.

    What are you listening to:
    ~ Christmas album of the Piano Guys

    What is on your mousepad?
    ~No mousepad, using a wireless mouse

    Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
    ~That would be my dear husband, letting me know that he will pick up our daughter from school.

    What was the last thing you ate?
    ~Fish and rice for dinner

    When is the last time you cried?

    What are on your feet?
    ~None, walking barefoot around the house :)

    Last Movie you Watched?
    ~Disney movie, Frozen, with my daughter and husband.

    Best Holiday Moment?
    ~Watching my daughter’s ‘Winter Concert’ last week. She has truly blossomed and not the shy little girl anymore. Her dad said that seeing her on the stage performing felt like someone doused his face with cold water as he realized her baby is now a young lady. So proud of her!

    Most anticipated moment?
    ~It would have to be on Christmas eve when my sister and I get to Skype with our Mom and other siblings who are 16,000 miles away.

    Favorite breakfast cereal?
    ~The classic cornflakes :)

    Messiest room in your house?
    ~Hands-down my scrap area, where all the actions happen especially during holidays!

    Thanks, had fun with all the questions :)
    Will include Josh and his family in our prayers.

  6. Jacquelyn says:

    Well I am just visiting the page to see what Lisa has been up to so unfortunately, I can not take the quiz right now. I just wanted to say I’m really sorry to hear about the young teacher. The students, wife and all are in my prayers. Susan and Lisa W, praying for y’all. Lisa, what a great fundraiser idea below. You’re such an inspiration. Straight to the point. You are awesome! Have a great day!

  7. jennifer olson says:



  8. Sue M says:

    1. What I’m listening to right now:
    The TV is on two rooms away – I can hear it’s on but can’t make it out

    2. On my mousepad.:
    A mousepad that came with our computer a few years ago (not too high tech at this house!)

    3. Last thing I ate:
    A really good piece of dark chocolate.

    4. Person I last talked to:
    My sister, who called to see how my surprise birthday getaway went — and to find out where we went to! (Answer: the Salish Lodge overlooking Snoqualmie Falls, here in Washington State.)

    5. Last time I cried:
    A couple days ago, watching a Hallmark movie and thinking of my late brother. His son is getting married in a few weeks and he should really be here.

    6. On my feet:
    Sturdy Morrel shoes.

    7. Last movie:
    At the theater: Gravity. I love anything with Sandra Bullock. My husband says we look similar. My husband is very kind!

    8. Anticipated moment.
    When my husband opens the two gifts I made for him this Christmas. One is new business cards, with five pieces of his art on the back of the card (in vertical strips). They turned out great. The other is a scrapbook filled with pages numbered 1 – 25. Our 25th wedding anniversary is next October. I still need to write on the opening page and invite him to 25 adventures (these are not planned out, the plan is to just have fun together) to celebrate the year ahead. We’ll fill each page with a photo.

    9. Favorite breakfast cereal
    Kashi Autumn Wheat. It–and the South Beach diet–helped me lose 50 pounds.

    10. Messiest room
    The kitchen, since my table is overflowing with quilting and crafting stuff at the moment. In fact, I’m off to put things away right now.

    Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your heart, your family, and your talents throughout the year. I wish you and your family a special Christmas and all the best in the new year.

  9. Philippa Yates says:

    So sorry to read about the young teacher ! So sad, especially at this time of the year, but what a blessing that he was able to see his son before he passed away !! My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Keep warm by that heater, Lisa. Not such a good day in Ashburton today, wet but warm-24 degrees C. We are due for some hot days soon !! Have a wonderful day, faraway friend !!

  10. Kirsten J says:

    So sorry to hear of a young life cut short so tragically – my friend’s daughter is on a mission in France right now, and she had emergency brain surgery yesterday for a tumor they just discovered. Hug your loved ones tight – and enjoy that Skype chat with your own missionary!

    I haven’t done one of these in ages -

    1. Listening to right now:
    The kids playing and laughing outside – we have a rare snow day here in Seattle – no school and no rain!!!
    2. No mousepad – just a wireless mouse on the desk protector.
    3. Last thing I ate was a granola bar.
    4. Person I last talked to was my sweet mom-in-law.
    5. Last time I cried – hmmm…not so sure, but probably watching a story on the Today show about a soldier coming home.
    6. On my feet – just socks.
    7. Last movie we sat through was Oblivion – I quite liked it.
    8. Anticipated moment right now…ummm….tomorrow my neighbor is having a mother/daughter tea and cookie exchange. We look forward to it every year – I’d better get to baking!
    9. I don’t really like breakfast cereal, but every once in a while I’ll grab a bowl of Grapenuts – or I know! Cap’n Crunch….I buy about one box every few years because it sounds fun. One bowl and done.
    10. Messiest room – So funny, it’s my master closet and my craft room…seems like at this time of year, the presents get stashed in the closet, and my craft room is an easy place to shove extra stuff when people visit….

  11. Mary Morris says:

    My prayers are with Josh and his family. So sad……

    1. Listening to right now:
    The movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” – My favorite Christmas movie
    2. No mousepad – on laptop.
    3. Last thing I ate: DH cooked spicy beef in tortilla’s….Yummier because I didn’t cook!
    4. Person I last talked to was my Mother.
    5. Last time I cried – Two weeks ago when Mom was very sick.
    6. On my feet – bare! 60 degrees in Indiana today!
    7. Last movie we sat through was the Hunger Games.
    8. Anticipated moment right now: celebrating Christmas with our youngest son and his girlfriend on Christmas day .
    9. Favorite breakfast cereal would have to be shredded wheat!
    10. Messiest room – Is definitely my craft room and the master bedroom….clothes strewn about….again……

  12. Robin Gibson says:

    What are you listening to:
    The steady hum that the blower on our fireplace makes. And the constant licking noises my Great Dane is making while she preens herself, like a cat, lol.

    Solid black gel pad.

    Last thing I ate:
    At work last night. About 2am. Chicken tenders…yuck.

    Person I last talked to:
    My husband, this morning when I got home from work. He was on his way out to walk our dogs. I was asleep when he got home.

    Last time I cried:
    Last Friday night, at work (and I don’t usually!). Helping a pregnant patient and her twin sister. My patient also suffered a huge brain bleed, is very lucky to be alive…her twin (both are nurses as well), was helping me care for her, we were making her do something she did not want to do, but needed to. She pushed us away, but very soon after, whispered ‘I love you’ to her sister, and we all lost it. Thankfully, she is making a stronger recovery now:)

    My feet:
    A bare at the moment, tucked up in a blanket while I sit on the couch, waking up.

    Last movie I saw:
    The Hobbit, last Monday night.

    Anticipated moment now:
    Soooooooo hopeful to maybe get put on call Monday night at work, so I can stay home with my husband and pack for our trip to England leaving Dec. 26!!

    Favorite breakfast cereal:
    Lately, eating Shredded Wheat. But would rather have Frosted Flakes, lol.

    Messiest room in the house:
    Hands down, scraproom! Not too bad right now, but generally looks like a hurricane passed through :)

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