Happy Holidays from the Bearnson Clan!

Thanks for entering mine and Becky’s Project Life contest! The three winners are:

1. Jessica T.

2. Anne Pistone

3. Linnea Edenholm-Rasier

I’ll be in touch to find out which Project Life you’d like HSN to send you!

Speaking of Becky Higgins, please check out the video on her blog yesterday that is an amazing tribute to Creating Keepsakes magazine and those who started it. It was such a trip down memory lane and so very touching. Thank you, Becky!

Only 32 more hours ’til I get to Skype with this cutie! My scrapbooking pal, Karen Butterick, invited him over for dinner again a few nights ago and sent these pictures to me. It does a mom’s heart so good! Here they are eating the traditional pavlova dessert. She also served a traditional Kiwi dinner with roasted lamb.

photo copy 12 620x413 Happy Holidays from the Bearnson Clan!

She said that their family taught Collin how to bowl a cricket ball! I love it!

photo copy 7 533x800 Happy Holidays from the Bearnson Clan!

Thanks for taking care of my boy, Karen! Also thanks, Philippa, for the kind package you left on his porch!

It has been snowing like crazy here! These are my two biggest kids at heart. They had a ball playing in the snow yesterday.

photo copy 9 620x620 Happy Holidays from the Bearnson Clan!

And her is my DH and I returning home from church on Sunday in the wintery wonderland:

photo copy 10 620x620 Happy Holidays from the Bearnson Clan!

photo copy 11 620x465 Happy Holidays from the Bearnson Clan!

Did I mention only 32 more hours until I can talk to my boy? But who’s counting?!

Hope today and tomorrow are peaceful and filled with fun, food and laughter.

Love to you all!


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10 Responses to “Happy Holidays from the Bearnson Clan!”

  1. mandyb says:

    Great post…hope Collin enjoyed our lamb….NZ does do it well!!
    as we do with Pavlova!!!

    glad he is being looked after….did he get any other mail???
    hope its not lost!!!

    enjoy your chat with him and keep warm..that snow looks cold!!! brrrr
    merry christmas

  2. Gela says:

    Merry Crhistmas to you and your family. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful memory keeping craft so many years ago when I found you on QVC.

  3. Mel H says:

    Merry Christmas! Love your dress Lisa. So pretty!

  4. Philippa Yates says:

    Lovely to have a visit from Collin last night. He is coming to visit on January 3rd for a kiwi BBQ before he leaves Ashburton. Have a wonderful Christmas Day !! Enjoy your special time online with Collin !!,

  5. Ellen says:

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Cilla says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. Can I ask where you got that beautiful red dress?

  7. jennifer olson says:


    Did you talk to you Son Yesturday

    And do you when will you be on Hsn Jan 24

  8. merry christmas and happy new year to your lovely family -

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