Love is in the Air!

Sorry it’s been a week since I late wrote. I came down with a horrible sinus infection and it wiped me out for a few days. And–tomorrow I leave for Ohio for a week so it will be a few more days before I’ll be able to write.

I love the month of February because of all the LOVE!

Just have to share my favorite pic representing love in Grand Cayman a few weeks ago. Lover’s Wall is a famous cement wall that overlooks the ocean.

photo copy 5 620x465 Love is in the Air!

Also want to show you this idea that Kerri Bradford shared with me from Studio Calico:

PastedGraphic 3 543x800 Love is in the Air!

Go here for complete instructions on how to make this adorable puzzle.

I just sent the winners of my last contest their chalkboards today. Just had to share:

photo copy 4 620x465 Love is in the Air!

photo copy 3 620x465 Love is in the Air!

My sister’s handwriting is so awesome!

Also want to give a shout out to this book–a must read:

elizabeth smart 300 Love is in the Air!

You all remember the awful yet amazing story of Elizabeth Smart, the young girl from Salt Lake City who was kidnapped in her bedroom and was found alive nine months later. While this book has some disturbing parts and you’ll wonder how this young girl ever survived her captors, it’s also so full of hope and tender mercies.

I met Elizabeth several years ago at the wedding of a dear friend. She was playing the harp during the ceremony.

web elizabeth 620x413 Love is in the Air!

I enjoyed chatting with this gracious woman and was so thrilled when she married a wonderful husband a few years ago. A cool side note. Her husband is a Scottish boy from Aberdeen, Scotland and I knew his parents well when I lived over there as a missionary for our church.

Well–I’m off to bed for a few winks before I leave for the snowy and stormy state of Ohio. I’ve heard they’ve had horrible weather lately.

I’ll talk to you next week!


P.S. Be sure to circle March 24th! This is a 24-hour craft day at HSN and I have several hours of shows!

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17 Responses to “Love is in the Air!”

  1. jennifer olson says:

    Jennifer olson

    Do you now the time you will be on

  2. Kerry Ledbetter says:

    Have a safe trip!

  3. Deiga says:

    Love the chalkboard, where can I find them?

  4. Kelly Koesters says:

    Yes indeed Ohio is very snowy this week!! Bring warm clothes as it is also very cold!

    Are you making any appearances in Ohio or just visiting? I would love to run into you.

    Safe travels and hello from Ohio!


    Pickerington, Ohio

  5. mandyb says:

    sorry to hear you havent been well…hope you feel better soon
    all the best for the trip xx

  6. Allison Barrows says:

    Those chalkboard frames are beautiful!! Love your sister’s handwriting! Can you tell me where you get them ? I just have to have one!!! :-)

  7. jennifer olson says:



    and can you give me the time too

  8. Jenny says:

    Will you have new layout or album kits on the 24th? New Project Life kits?

  9. I am looking forward to reading Elizabeth’s book..she has carried on with such poise and grace..Gof bless her!
    I LOVE your sister’s chalkboards! Any chance she would consider selling them?
    Enjoy your trip!

  10. Faye Thompson says:

    Hope your sinus infection has gone. Be safe in Ohio and enjoy your trip. 24th has been circled.

  11. I would say you should take a trip to PA while you are so close but with the weather we are having here, you are better off staying away! Safe travels! :)

  12. Leeann Sammons says:

    Where in Ohio will you be visiting? I am in the Southern part of the state (Portsmouth) and would love to meet you! Safe travels!

  13. Emily R. says:

    I read the Elizabeth Smart book back during Christmas break. What a story. What a testimony of how God was with her and caring for her even in the darkest moments. The water cup story made me cry!

    Have fun in Ohio! Are you going through Cincinnati?

  14. I just finished the book and LOVED it. I admire Elizabeth so much! It was an inspiring story full of hope, courage and resilience! So cool to have that connection. Life in the Church can be so small!

  15. TanyaS says:

    Thank you so much for my chalkboard! I received it and LOVE it so much! Thanks so much for your generosity!

  16. Jennifer Gresham says:

    Lisa, check your fbk acct. I sent you a message. Thanks!

  17. kris says:

    Where can we find these lovely chalkboards?

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