Back from the Freezing Cold!

I’m finally back from freezing cold Ohio! Honestly–I’m a Utah girl and am used to cold and snow but the snow and freezing temperatures were unreal! I showed up at the airport realizing I hadn’t even brought a coat. Luckily my cute Stefyn saved me and took her coat off her back.

photo copy 8 620x465 Back from the Freezing Cold!

I had a marvelous time visiting with my sister, brother-in-law, an aunt, an uncle, three first cousins, and countless nieces and nephews. Probably as many of my family members live in Ohio as in Utah.

I also fell more in love with one of the companies who creates many of my HSN products. Pulsar Ecco products is such a hip, cool company.

Their office is in this old warehouse in downtown Cleveland:

 photo copy 17 e1392306612873 620x465 Back from the Freezing Cold!

They get around Cleveland in a Tuk Tuk car imported from the Orient (it can go up to 65 mph):

photo copy 10 620x465 Back from the Freezing Cold!

 There is still an elevator man named Jerry who hand-cranks the old elevator:

photo copy 15 e1392306759106 600x800 Back from the Freezing Cold!

And there is the most creative design team around:

photo copy 12 620x465 Back from the Freezing Cold!

I simply can’t wait to show what’s in store for future HSN products! Be prepared to be wowed!

A couple of other cool things. We made these last night with the young women in our congregation. Such a quick, easy gift–cookie mix in a jar:

photo copy 7 599x800 Back from the Freezing Cold!

And my friend, Pam Taylor, gave me this for my birthday. LOVE the typography:

photo copy 9 600x800 Back from the Freezing Cold!

Hope you enjoy your day of love tomorrow. I’m heading to Las Vegas for a volleyball tournament! So–there will be a lot of court love!

Have a great day!


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10 Responses to “Back from the Freezing Cold!”

  1. mandyb says:

    man you do not stop!! all go go go!!
    so glad you had a good time away visiting family xx

  2. kat-in-texas says:

    Okay it just occurred to me the other day who you look like and you probably get this a lot….Minnie Driver!!! Does everyone tell you that, Lisa? Y’all could pass as sisters!!! :)

    Have fun in Vegas!!!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Hey, you used the picture I took of you. Love you little sis!

  4. Ana Liza C. says:

    Love the warehouse and the idea of the Tuktuk as a means of transportation.
    I had a chance to ride on one when I was in Thailand and it was so much fun!
    Can’t wait to see you again at HSN and excited for the new products :)

  5. Trish Carpenter says:

    You were in my hometown! Born and raised and lived there up until four years ago. I had no idea that such a creative business was located in that old warehouse. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. Stacia says:

    Love the typography too. Do you think she’d be willing to share a list of the fonts she used…? I think these subway art things are SO COOL but I get overwhelmed immediately trying to decide which fonts to use. Really like the choices she made. :-) Glad you survived the cold!

  7. Eric says:

    So great to see you in CLE! Tuk tuk season starts in May :)

  8. Faye Thompson says:

    Wow, busy lady! You make me tired. Glad you got to visit with so much of your family. The company visit sounded like so much fun. Hope that all goes well. Would love one of those Tuktuk’s myself. That gift must have meant so much to you. Very personal and loving. Also glad for you that you are in warmer weather. Enjoy your trip. See you soon on HSN.

  9. rose says:

    you always are busy – that’s wonderful – - so nice you visited with family –
    looking forward to your next show

  10. Kris York says:

    Glad you got to OHIO to see all the Family & “Friends”—I know a wonderful couple ( Laudie’s ) that always love to see you. You make them light up with your presence. Thanks for the OHIO visit.—-Sorry it was so cold out there. God Bless You Sweet Lady :-)

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