See What the Number Four has in Store!


FOUR weeks from today is a twenty FOUR-hour craft day on HSN! These are the most fun days of all! There is paper and stickers and glitter flying all over the studio and I get to visit each of you in your homes! So–be sure to mark March twenty FOURth on your calendar. My hours are at 9:00 am, 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm ET. I’ll be massively sharing ideas almost every day until this fun-filled event arrives.

Now on to FOUR favorite things from the past week that have helped me find joy in the journey:

1. Both Collin and our family had great weather today with the number FOUR in it! Weather for us here in Utah seems record-breaking warm. We love it!

picstitch 620x620 See What the Number Four has in Store!

2. Christmas in February! Got this very belated pic along with an adorable note from both young men. Hurray FOR snail mail!

photo copy 141 620x446 See What the Number Four has in Store!

3. Got FOUR new bar stools–gray washed legs with off-white leather seats. Still trying to decide whether I should have chosen a color on the top (choices were red, pumpkin, brown, teal blue or the off-white I chose) so that’s why there’s still plastic on each leg. What do you think? Also trying to decide if we will miss the backs on the stools. My last bar stools were driving me crazy. They swiveled and the backs banged against the counter top which really put some dents in it.

photo copy 112 620x465 See What the Number Four has in Store!

4. I’m in a renovation/home dec mode. I completely changed my master bedroom and will share pics soon. This amazing light is going over my vanity in my half bath. Yippee FOR Lowe’s online shopping. Comes straight to your door with no shipping charges!

6117281697041 620x620 See What the Number Four has in Store!


Tomorrow I’ll reveal the first NEW product FOR March 24th along with step-by-step instructions on how to make an adorable craft.

Happy Monday!


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12 Responses to “See What the Number Four has in Store!”

  1. mandyb says:

    oh yah for HSN times…will have to see if i can find them online again!!!

    and hahaha on that card…i got one too!!! but boy is that mail slow!!! hahahaha
    i wonder where it travelled on its way to you!!

    good luck with all the house changes too…so exciting!!!

  2. Raewyn Aldridge says:

    Great to see that Collin is now in the North Island of New Zealand and that he is not far from my hometown. Lisa you may not recall having your photo taken many years ago with Renee Pearson’s husband Kent holding with a small pewter ‘poemstone’ with the Maori words Kia Ora stamped into it. I bought that little gift for Kent in Dannevirke when on my way to a crafting event in Wellington. Small world!

  3. Karen Loper says:

    Looking forward to 24hr craft day!! Marking my calendar. Love the light your getting and the bar stools. I would love to see the pumpkin and the brown (i know the off white would probably get dirty quick in my house). Where did you find them? I too have barstools with backs that “bang” into each other/countertop.

  4. Beautiful! I think brown would look awesome on those stools! Have fun decorating!

  5. Leslie S. says:

    I would like the bar stools with teal blue. I can’t wait for the 24th!! I love the light fixture you picked out, so gorgeous.

  6. SusanC says:

    I think you should return them for a pop of color! Red or pumpkin!

  7. kat-in-texas says:

    Off-white goes with everything–good choice!!! And I love your vanity light. I’m in need of updating too so I will have to check it out. Can’t wait to see your bedroom pics!!! :)

  8. Jennifer D. says:

    I like the stools you picked out but they just don’t seem right for that area. I bought 2 new stools recently that were backless. Love them and sit on them all the time while working on my computer. Take a look at Ballard and Design they have a great selection of stools.

  9. Julie says:

    I’d go for red – I can’t stand the colour brown in any form! Or black, beige, grey etc.

    In my house I have all bright colours -a pink lounge & dining room, peach Loo, yellow kitchen, 2 yellow bedrooms & a pink bedroom & a pink bathroom. It’s not a bright pink, a light one.

    My Dad chose the pink for the lounge etc & it’s the best thing he ever did. A few years ago we had magnolia in the lounge & we all couldn’t stand it.

    Maybe others wouldn’t like a house that’s as bright as mine but it’s so cosy having bright colours:)

  10. Michelle says:

    Hey Lisa,
    I love the ivory but pumpkin is such a great color too! Love adding a few new touches around the house too!
    ❤ Michelle

  11. Karen Schmidt says:

    I think a different color then ivory will work better. Either brown or teal blue. Something that will pull a color out of you counter top would be nice. Good luck.

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