England 2012: Part II

I sincerely don’t know where the time goes and why it’s so hard to find a few extra minutes to write on my blog. I went to Denver for four days over the weekend (for a cousin’s wedding) but there really are no excuses! You know how it goes–life is always pretty hectic but I guess I love it this way! School started this week for Sage (6th Grade):

Sage Web 533x800 England 2012: Part II

Brecken, who for the past two and a half years has not liked to smile, is ALL SMILES since she got her braces off the day before school began. Here she is going off to 10th grade:

IMG 6112 533x800 England 2012: Part II

Collin also started college at the University of Utah so lots of changes for us. Other big news! Fifteen year old Brecken made the Varsity Lone Peak volleyball team. Sooooo–practices, fundraisers and games have completely taken over our life! Go Knights!

Varsity 2012 8 620x320 England 2012: Part II

There is still no word on my lost photos. After trying five other resources, my hubby sent them to a company in Denver where they confirmed that the card was physically broken. They are currently painstakingly attempting to take each photo off–one at a time. Still no word about whether they will be able to retrieve any. However, I have collected some photos from the wonderful families who hosted us so I will share them soon. Still keeping my fingers crossed!

The last time I wrote, I focused on our third week in England and highlighted our Olympic experience. I failed to mention that we watched the Speed Walking event in the front of Buckingham Palace. Who would have thought this was an Olympic sport? It was super neat to watch.

buckingham palace web1 533x800 England 2012: Part II

photo copy1 620x405 England 2012: Part II

Other cool things we saw in England:

{London Eye}

London eye web1 620x413 England 2012: Part II

{Big Ben}

big ben web 533x800 England 2012: Part II


This is Shakespeare’s childhood home and located in a delightful, quaint town.

shakespeare web1 620x413 England 2012: Part II

{Warwick Castle}

This is an amazing 1000 year old castle that’s fully furnished and has lots of fun activities for the family.

warwick web2 620x413 England 2012: Part II

Idiot web1 620x413 England 2012: Part II

We also sent to a safari park (What? In England?) and ate loads of amazing food. The curry in England is the best. My husband had an adjustment getting used to driving on the “wrong side of the road” with the steering wheel on the “wrong side of the car.” To top it all off, the rental company gave us a manual van with the stick shift on the left! I was a nervous wreck all week!

Okay–so next I’ll write about week two in Germany and then week one in Switzerland and Italy.

Hope back to school has gone smoothly for you!



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