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Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Determination--Pass It On! And, a Big Piece of Humble Pie for Me!
Thanks for all the well wishes for Brecken. She's officially enjoying being a teenager! You all are so sweet!

I know you'll be inspired by this story--and learn from my attitude adjustment!

Last year Collin made the 9th grade basketball team at the junior high he attended. We were a little surprised--we are a football family, not so much a basketball family. He had a great season and was one of the star players. Steve and I had so much fun watching his games twice a week--it brought a lot of joy during the long winter months.

This year Collin tried out again--this time for the high school team. He made the sophomore team and I was so happy. I knew it would again bring me joy especially with Kade leaving.

This is a photo of all of us at his first game. We could hardly wait for the season to begin. We were a little surprised when Collin didn't even get off the bench this first game.

The second game was the same, and the third and the fourth. He'd get in once in a while for a minute or two then be yanked right back out. I'd grumble under my breath that they should put Bearnson in!

About eight games into it, Collin looked up at me in the crowd. Afterward he pulled me aside and said "If you're going to look so sad about me not playing then please don't come to the games. Of course I want to play but so does every boy on that team. They all deserve to play. Plus, Mom, basketball isn't my life. As long as I'm making correct decisions in my life and living the best I can, that's more important than playing in a game, right?" Okay--at this point I was eating humble pie. Yes--Collin does make great choices in his life and he's right--it doesn't matter if he plays in the game. He ended the conversation by saying, "Plus I'm having a lot of fun and love being on the team." You can't argue with that!

The next several games Collin still did not get much playing time. I decided to change my attitude and truly be happy at the games even if my kid wasn't playing. One of our neighbors, Rob Clauson, watched him at a practice. He called him aside after and said "If you'd make just one small adjustment to your game, you'd go from benchwarmer to star." Rob took Collin to the gym and practiced and practiced with him. Rob was a great teacher--Collin was eager to learn and make the proper adjustment to his game.

Now fast forward to January 27th, 2010. The team was down and the coach suddenly pointed at Bearnson and told him to go in. Collin played the game of his life:

In fact he played so well the JV coach saw him and asked him to play in the next JV game (right after the sophomore game). He said: "I don't know who you are but you're tearing up the court." He then began starting for the sophomore games.

Pretty soon the varsity coach asked him to practice with the varsity team. We all were a little shocked and amazed. From benchwarmer to practicing with the varsity team. Wow!

Who knows what the future holds in the way of basketball for Collin. But I do know that I learned these things from my 16-year-old boy:

1. Never give up. 2. Sometimes making a small adjustment to your game (and in life) makes all the difference in the world. 3. Keep a good attitude. 4. Be teachable.

Thanks for the life lesson learned this season, Collin. And go Lone Peak Knights!

By the way, this is my cute step-daughter, Stefyn. She graduated from Louisiana Tech in Ruston last Saturday. Just had to show off this beautiful girl. Great job, Stefyn!

Hope you're having a great week. And, thanks for listening!