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Friday, March 26, 2010
I'm Back! And--A really Hard Contest!
(Many of you have made a guess on this celebrity quiz. I'm not going to post any of your answers until Monday so it truly will be legitimate who wins. Let me just say this--several of you have gotten it right!)

Sorry about not posting in so long! I was gone half of last week speaking at a wonderful business conference at BYU-Idaho and touring around the Rexburg campus in a golf cart with this fun group:

I also was able to meet Kade's "companion's" parents. All missionaries are assigned to be with another missionary at all times and his companion is Elder Stanfield from Idaho Falls, Idaho. We sent them this photo:

This week I'm just trying to catch up. Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating breakfast with this man and hearing him give an emotional speech. So--This contest is kinda hard. But--do you know who he is??

A few hints:

1. Thinks 1970s (I was a small child but remember the situation very well).
2. Think loyalty and integrity (the first got him in trouble).
3. Think one of the most historical events in US history.
4. He recently wrote a book about the what he learned from this event.

I know it's hard but hey--you guys are too smart with the other celebrity contests I've had. Just give a wild guess and on Monday I'll tell you the answer. If you're right, I'll put your name in a pot and send you a fun, new product from Creating Keepsakes.

Also, I can't wait to tell you about two fun events that are coming up. Stay tuned for all this on Monday.

Hope you have a fun weekend. I'm off to help Collin make the final arrangements for Prom.